Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gender Gap: Bush's Free Fall in the Polls

Digby looks deeper in the poll numbers and wonders, "Wither the Gender Gap?" How soon we forget.

I think I can pinpoint when things started going sour for the President with female voters: When Cindy Sheehan showed up in Crawford.

Every day for nearly four weeks, there was Cindy in her lawn chair, sweltering in the Texas sun, watching while Bush's motorcade came roaring down that narrow country road, kicking the dust in Cindy's eyes!

We heard about Bush's loutish behavior at the White House, "Who're we all honorin' here today?" when he met with the Sheehan family for condolences on the death of her son Casey. Candlelight vigils held every evening, all around the country.


Then, just as the right-wing echo chamber's "Swift Boating" of Sheehan really began to take: Hurricane Katrina.

Update: Removed superfluous closing comment about God working in mysterious ways. It seemed clever, but it really wasn't.

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