Monday, May 01, 2006

Double or Nothing is Not a Foreign Policy

TPM has a primer on what he expects to see from the White House this fall.

Would they really try to go to the well one more time with a pre-emptive war? This time they would have the advantage that the target has admitted they have enriched uranium. With no need to gin up a disinfo campaign around aluminum tubes and documents from Niger, they would be free to stretch their legs with some really imaginative propoganda.

Still, I don't think it is likely. Sure, they will try to wimpify the Dems everytime one of them suggests we negotiate with Iran. But, the GWOT pre-emptive war bandwagon won't be road worthy in time for the November elections.

(Proviso: No new terrorist attack on US soil. Sad to think that a nation who has spent over a trillion dollars on defense in the last decade, could have the outcome of it's national elections turned upside down by a few strategically placed jihadists.)

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