Saturday, September 29, 2007

KC Beer Blog: Schlafly on the Big Deck

KC Beer Blog: Schlafly on the Big Deck

As a witness to Wes' dancing exploits at the Big Deck I can attest to uniqueness of the experience. I was able to obtain photographic evidence:

When Bull E. Vard mentioned he liked Schlafly Beer, it seemed to me that it was very strange that Phyliss had started a brewery.

Schlafly APA is the second Schlafly I have tried, the first being the Pale Ale at Willy's. I prefer the Pale Ale, but the APA would be excellent if I was sitting down to a steak dinner. What I really would like to try though is the Oatmeal Stout.

Wes and Bull, are you aware that Kansas City is having a BeerFest in October? And did Wes pose for this picture?

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Bull E. Vard said...

Your pictures aren't showing up. I would guess that you copied the previous post into a new post. When you do that you must reload the images. You'll be able to see them locally but no one else can see them.