Saturday, October 27, 2007

Have you tried Bockandlunarpunkin?

Getting caught up: Shiner Bock, Boulevard Lunar Ale and Schlafly's Pumkin Ale.

Let's dispense with the Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. Bleh.

I was looking forward to the Bully Lunar Ale because from the description it seemed like it might be Boulevard's version of a German Hefe-Weisee Dunkel, of which the I have only tried one from Fanziskaner.

Well, there was nothing wrong with the Lunar, but there wasn't anything very remarkable either. The Bully website touts a crisp dry finish, but "crisp" is not the description I would use. Seems they tried to create a "safe" dark beer for people who are scared of dark beers.

Shiner Bock is some tasty stuff and very drinkable. I need to do a head-2-head with the SA Dark Lager

I know, I still haven't posted on the SA Imperial Pilsner. I've still got one bottle. I'm going to give it another shot before giving a final review.

Chappell's in NKC: Memorable or just Memorabilia?

Well Wes, since you have broken the ice and don't forget Bull's August '07 discovery, I will throw down as well.

Most KC Northlander's know about and are proud of Chappell's Restaurant and it's success and agree that the memorabilia collection is awe-inspiring and that if you want to get ahead in business in the Northland you would do well to make friend's with the owner, Jim Chappell. However, as Wes learned, they don't go there expecting great service.

I stopped by Chappell's on a Friday after work recently. Brent's comment's
on Bull's post are accurate, Jim Chappell disdains the term "Sports Bar". But, when you walk in there's nothing to greet you but the bar and a bartender! Most "Restaurants" have someone at the door to great you at 8:00 pm on a Friday.

The only decent tap beer was Sam Adam's Boston Lager and Boulevard Wheat. Otherwise there was a Budricer and two, cout 'em two Michelob Ultra taps!

This tells you the place appeals mostly to boomer's, which means the lunch and dinner crowd with the occasional autograph signing and frequent post-political/business event meet-up. There were 15 to 20 people in the bar, which would be sparse for most good restaruants on a Friday night, but not unexpected since the Chiefs were playing on Sunday and these days most of us boomer's can really only handle one social drinking event per weekend.

I think the crowd was part of a reunion weekend, because everyone was greeting each other with a boozy "How ya' been?" A regular stream of people were coming out of a room in the back fanning themselves and complaining about how, "damn hot is it back there!" I overheard one lady complaining about her beer being hot.

I was able to find a spot with a good view of the single Hi-Def Big Screen. There was one bartender working and after a minute she approached me with a blank stare and a deadpan, "What can I get you?" I ordered the SA and asked for a menu. I was looking for some kind of appetizer when I came across an item I haven't seen on any menu outside of Stroud's: Chicken Livers and Gizzards, with gravy for dipping sauce. Gotta have me some o' those.

I watched the Red Sox and Angels play-off game and scanned the memorabilia while trying to slowly sip my beer because I knew the bartender would not be looking my way again before the food arrived. There is lots of Kansas City A's stuff which I always find fascinating. But the piece I found most interesting was the 1948 Cleveland Indians jersey of Lou Boudreau, who I think is the must under-appreciated baseball player that ever lived. He was the Indians manager AND full time shortstop for 8 years from 1942-50 which included a batting championship in '44 and a World Series Championship and MVP in '48.

I asked the bartender for a Boulevard Wheat when she brought the food. She asked if it was OK if she used the same mug, sheepishly explaining something about a broken dishwasher. I didn't protest, which was good because I needed all the beer I could get, what with all the salt the livers, gizzards and gravy were swimming in.

If ever NKC is a convenient place to meet someone, by all means meet at Chappell's. Order a SA Lager or Bully Wheat, sip it slowly and have a walk around. Then go down to Chip Shot at 1621 Swift Ave. The decor is unremarkable, but there are plenty of TV's, good food and good service at reasonable prices.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Imperial Pilsner Doughboy

Ok, so I broke down and bought the Sam Adam's Imperial Pilsner.

When I get my eyesight back I will write more about it what it was like.

Fresh Hops Beer in Kansas City?

Lee is right, my curiosity has been piqued about fresh hops beer. Doesn't look like Sierra Nevada Harvest is available in KC, but there is Samuel Adam's Imperial Pilsner.

I wonder if there is any other fresh hops beer available locally? Maybe something less expensive? Since I'm not really a huge fan of strongly hopped beer and I already bought a pint and a mix and match six pack on Friday, if I drop a 10 spot on another 4 beers, Mrs. Mo is going to start thinking I have a problem.

Maybe I can get Bull and Wes and BeerGirl to split a 4-pack of the SA?

Update: Seven Pack compared Sam Adams with the Dogfish Head and preferred the SA.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Mix n' Match Beer Blogging

Hy-Vee has mix 'n match beer, 6 for $7.99. But you have to be careful or you can get some out-dated skunks

So this week I picked up the New Belguim 1544, which I know about because of anonymous and BeerGirl Thanks Guys! Also, Shiner Bock, Boulevard Lunar Ale, Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, Pyramid Hefe Weizen, and Goose Island Brown Nut Ale.

So, I go searching for images of beer bottles, and when I go to look for GI BNA, guess whose blog I find?
Yeah, BeerGirl She really gets around. I like that.

Erdinger: Der original Weißbierknigge

When you go to men in lederhosen serenade you! Well, there's no men in lederhosen, but there is German choral music, no English and a link to a PDF with beautiful photography named "Der original Weißbierknigge" Babelfish translates this to: "The original Weissbierknigge" Fluch! (That's German for "damn")

I found an English version of the website, but it doesn't include a link to the aforementiond PDF. If you want to help me translate, look at this picture from the PDF and see if it provides any clues:

I think it might be another way of saying, "Fluch!
Der ist eine feine Frau."

So, the beer:

was good. Much better than the Fanziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel

And notice in the above photo that Miss Weißbierknigge is not shaking your pint just to get a bigger tip. She's demonstrating how to get the yeast out of the bottom of the bottle, because it makes a big difference in the taste and if you do it right, your head will look like this:
No, your head won't look like his, your beer's head, will look like that, all fluffy and white and like defyin' gravity, which is "Sehr küüüüühl!"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Break out the Forty!

Charlie Papazian must be a subversive, if this wiki entry is accurate:
"American brewing authority Charlie Papazian claims to have once done a beer tasting where a malt liquor was slipped into a tasting of Maibocks and placed rather highly, indicating possible affinities between the two styles."

Do you think Papazian ever told them he slipped a King Cobra in with the Bock samples? That would be kind of like a brewer claiming they had a fine beer when they put rice in it.

To be fair, Rice is listed as an ingredient on the label.

So I tried Berghoff Famous Bock from Joseph Huber Brewing of Wisconsin. They claim to be the second oldest brewery in America. (FYI: the oldest is Yuengling, which is pronounced just like it looks.)
There was no freshness date provided and it poured with a "now you see it now you don't" fizzy head. Thought it might be stale, but other reviewers indicate similar behavior. The advert blurb says "creamy on the palate" but I don't get that at all. More body, alcohol content and hop bitterness than the last three beers I've tried. Lots of detail on the website that would be of interest to home brewers, such as original gravity and IBU (International Bitterness Units. You just knew there was an official scale of bitterness out there, dintcha?) I'd buy it again if it was on sale.

I Want That!

Dang Lee, it must be nice living in Austin. Not only is it filthy with brewpubs, your movie theater's manage to have enough sack to serve Mo' Fo' beer AND offer a better selection than most of the bars in KC:

Then, come to find out they serve Red Hook on tap at the SPORTS BARS! You're killin' me, man, killin' me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Black or Blond?

I guess it's contrast Wednesday. Continuing with more Mix 'n Match fun I started with the "beer of world fame", DAB Original. DAB is an acronym for "Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei" No freshness date on the label. A nice blond German lager, dry with just the right carbonation and a nice aftertaste with no bitterness. Someone on Beer Advocate called it "biscuity." Good thirst quencher, Yard Beer for the Ward Parkway crowd.

Next I went for the Samuel Adams Black Lager. The freshness notch clearly showed I needed to consume before the end of October. You don't see many brewer's touting a Black Lager. This is lightly hopped with a medium body and a chocolate-coffee flavor, but not sweet like the Cream Stout. A good after dinner beer, Yard Beer for the Westport crowd.

Slut or Not? Doesn't facebook have this application?

"I Love Beer" Lee makes a strong case for why NXNW’s Oktoberfest party is awesome. But BeerGirl thinks its slutty.

I say, "Not!"

I was able to dig up a review of this uniform from the archives of the now defunct Beer Wench Advocate site,

While not period correct, this tavern wench costume is a good effort. Pouring over the costume, finds the forest green, lock-laced, boned bodice contrasts nicely with the pumpkin skirt. The billowing sleeves set off the bodice straps and the frill on the bustline hits just the right note. The vestigial lap cloth paired with a lingering lace slip provides a strong visual flavor. Unfortunately, thematically the impact is confusing with a teutonic cut clashing with the celtic color scheme and tudor piping. Overall rating: 81

Voting is now open on this:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Goose Island Nut Brown Old

I decided to try the Goose Island Nut Brown Ale to see how it compared to Samuel Smith's. I poured it and got no head. Uh Oh. Goose Island bottles have a convenient "best consumed by" date on the bottle. This one said 9.16.07

Gotta be more careful when I take advantage of HY-VEE's mix and match.

The comparison will have to wait, but that's no reason I should have to suffer, so I reach for another mix 'n match: Samuel Adams Cream Stout.

Does Sam Adams have a "girl" like St. Pauli Girl?

I couldn't find one, but suprisingly they do have a "Brother"

Checked for the date on the bottle. SA has a "notch" system. The months are listed along one edge of the label and there is supposed to be a notch to tell you the month best consumed by. Well, the notch was less than discernible. Unless they expect the consumer to have an electron microscope handy, they should rethink this method. This pour was disappointing also as it produced a very meager head, so another bottle at the end of its life. Nice taste though, very smooth. Lighter aroma and taste compared to Guinness. Like it. Must try again.

While doing some research on what constitutes a "Cream" Stout -- it has lactose added to the brew. Lactose is a sugar that does not participate in the fermenting process, so it adds sweetness-- I came across a funny review from a blog named The Disgruntled Chemist. For a good laugh, check out his most recent post . The tags for the post include "people who suck" and "baseball". It also includes a math lesson and a link to Fire Joe Morgan a very fine baseball blog.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fanziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel

I bought one pint. It was on sale and it had "Spaten" on the label. Turns out Spaten is just the distributor.

It appears that "Hefe-Weisse" is german for "Yeast-White", apparently not to be confused with Hefeweizen. Since "Dunkel" is german for "Dark" in english this would be a "Yeast-White Dark" beer.

The only thing more confusing than the name was the taste. It looked and smelled good, but it was sour. Unless someone buys one for me, I won't be trying this beer again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

He'll be riding grey Shire horses when he comes

Samuel Smith keeps grey Shire horses stabled at the brewery for local beer deliveries.

Keep Vegas, before I die I want to experience sitting at the bar of a Samuel Smith pub when they deliver the beer with these.

I just finished their Nut Brown Ale. Next I will try the Goose Island that Bull is always raving about and see which one is better.

Monday, October 08, 2007

New Addition to the Blog!

phydeaux3: Code for New Blogger Tag Cloud / Label Cloud

It's a Tag Cloud! Thanks phydeaux3!

A blatant excuse for adding to my tag cloud: Did you know that Deepika's father is a badminton ace? Apparently her mother was a pushover for a man who knew how to handle a shuttlecock.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gold Rush Fever!

MU TD's: 5, NU TD's: 0

And thats's not counting the most amazing one, where Coffman caught the ball and hovered over the out of bounds like some kind of Yoga master.

Not to be outdone, Chase Daniels (captured in the pic) proceeded to levitate and float around the Faurot Field end zone until the referee threatened to flag him for excessive elevation.

Hey Google, Fix your damn Backlink feature in Blogger!

When I post about a post on another blog, I want it to show up in the "Links to this post" on that post. I've tried this using "Create a link" several times, but Blogger has yet to oblige.

phydeux3 is very gracious and provides his comments.

We shall endeavor on. For my next trick, I will try to link this post to this post on the official Google Webmaster Central Blog:

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Improve snippets with a meta description makeover

Here is the comment I left on the post.

FYI: I don't recommend actually clicking on any links to an official Google blog. You will find they are mostly scammers and spammers.

Yes, I know some people like haloscan,

but I'm not one of those people.

RSS Punked

I recently found A Beer Sort of Girl through a comment at KC Beer Blog.

When I saw this entreat on her blog, I was so impressed I pushed her to the top of my blog roll. Lee at I Love Beer then punked my snarky comment about the lack of an RSS feed on her blog.

MOTS (Moral of the story): when searching for a blog's RSS feed, be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. And oh yeah, I Love Beer is going to the bottom of my blog roll. (but he does have an amazing blog about beer, including his 8 different fresh-hop beers in 7 days post.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

phydeaux3: GData Javascript Library

phydeaux3: GData Javascript Library

I want to know why the "Links to this post" usually doesn't work in blogger. Pydeaux3 is a blogger/google guru and I found working links to several of his posts.

We'll see if this post shows up in his links!

I wonder if Paola has trouble linking to other blogs?