Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fresh Hops Beer in Kansas City?

Lee is right, my curiosity has been piqued about fresh hops beer. Doesn't look like Sierra Nevada Harvest is available in KC, but there is Samuel Adam's Imperial Pilsner.

I wonder if there is any other fresh hops beer available locally? Maybe something less expensive? Since I'm not really a huge fan of strongly hopped beer and I already bought a pint and a mix and match six pack on Friday, if I drop a 10 spot on another 4 beers, Mrs. Mo is going to start thinking I have a problem.

Maybe I can get Bull and Wes and BeerGirl to split a 4-pack of the SA?

Update: Seven Pack compared Sam Adams with the Dogfish Head and preferred the SA.


a beer sort of girl said...

I saw the SA Imperial at Batson Liquor in Mission on Saturday, when we were stocking up for our night. I had my arms & the hubby's full already, and the clerk was eyeballing us like we had a problem. I'm most definitely down for a split & a group review anytime.

Faceless person with a 12 pack said...

I picked up two 24oz bottles of Sierra Nevada Fresh Hop Ale last week at the super store in Overland Park. It's good stuff.

Lee said...

Actually, I don't think the Sam Adams Imperial is a fresh hop beer. An INTENSE hop beer maybe, but not "fresh hop." That phrase means that the hops were picked and brewed on the same day, without being dried (hence the alternate term, "wet hop"). Heck, I'm not even sure if they can get same-day hops in Boston — do they grow hops in the East? I suppose they must, since people were brewing beer in the colonies.

Muddy Mo said...

Seems to me I read on the SA web site that the have them flown to Boston and put in the brew the same day they are harvested.