Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Mix n' Match Beer Blogging

Hy-Vee has mix 'n match beer, 6 for $7.99. But you have to be careful or you can get some out-dated skunks

So this week I picked up the New Belguim 1544, which I know about because of anonymous and BeerGirl Thanks Guys! Also, Shiner Bock, Boulevard Lunar Ale, Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, Pyramid Hefe Weizen, and Goose Island Brown Nut Ale.

So, I go searching for images of beer bottles, and when I go to look for GI BNA, guess whose blog I find?
Yeah, BeerGirl She really gets around. I like that.


a beer sort of girl said...

The Google machine loves me, what can I say? We've had a thing for years.

Facelss person with a 12 pack aka Anonymous said...

I used to like the "build your own 6 pack" like Hy Vee and my favorite superstore in Overland Park does. But I decided it was best to buy a six pack of each. That way if I liked one, I had five more to drink. If I don't like one...wait...that never happens.