Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Goose Island Nut Brown Old

I decided to try the Goose Island Nut Brown Ale to see how it compared to Samuel Smith's. I poured it and got no head. Uh Oh. Goose Island bottles have a convenient "best consumed by" date on the bottle. This one said 9.16.07

Gotta be more careful when I take advantage of HY-VEE's mix and match.

The comparison will have to wait, but that's no reason I should have to suffer, so I reach for another mix 'n match: Samuel Adams Cream Stout.

Does Sam Adams have a "girl" like St. Pauli Girl?

I couldn't find one, but suprisingly they do have a "Brother"

Checked for the date on the bottle. SA has a "notch" system. The months are listed along one edge of the label and there is supposed to be a notch to tell you the month best consumed by. Well, the notch was less than discernible. Unless they expect the consumer to have an electron microscope handy, they should rethink this method. This pour was disappointing also as it produced a very meager head, so another bottle at the end of its life. Nice taste though, very smooth. Lighter aroma and taste compared to Guinness. Like it. Must try again.

While doing some research on what constitutes a "Cream" Stout -- it has lactose added to the brew. Lactose is a sugar that does not participate in the fermenting process, so it adds sweetness-- I came across a funny review from a blog named The Disgruntled Chemist. For a good laugh, check out his most recent post . The tags for the post include "people who suck" and "baseball". It also includes a math lesson and a link to Fire Joe Morgan a very fine baseball blog.

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Lee said...

Yowza! The St. Pauli Girl has been updated a bit in recent years, hasn't she?

Hey, if like Dave Chappelle's Sam Adams, check this out: http://i-love-beer.blogspot.com/2006/08/awesome-beyond-words.html