Saturday, October 27, 2007

Have you tried Bockandlunarpunkin?

Getting caught up: Shiner Bock, Boulevard Lunar Ale and Schlafly's Pumkin Ale.

Let's dispense with the Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. Bleh.

I was looking forward to the Bully Lunar Ale because from the description it seemed like it might be Boulevard's version of a German Hefe-Weisee Dunkel, of which the I have only tried one from Fanziskaner.

Well, there was nothing wrong with the Lunar, but there wasn't anything very remarkable either. The Bully website touts a crisp dry finish, but "crisp" is not the description I would use. Seems they tried to create a "safe" dark beer for people who are scared of dark beers.

Shiner Bock is some tasty stuff and very drinkable. I need to do a head-2-head with the SA Dark Lager

I know, I still haven't posted on the SA Imperial Pilsner. I've still got one bottle. I'm going to give it another shot before giving a final review.


Faceless with a 12 pack said...

I agree about the Lunar and Bock...I have stayed away from pumpkin ales for a few years.

I think the Lunar is Bully's "answer" to Fat Tire.

And the Shiner is always good. I had one last night.

Lee said...

Shiner Bock was our main beer back in my U. of Texas days, back before I had the money for really good stuff (and back when it was still cheap). Now, it is kind of my beer of last resort – at a lot of Texas beer joints, especially in rural areas, Shiner Bock is the closest thing you'll get to a quality beer.

Today, you can get much better beers in Texas, including from Shiner itself. Back then (20 years ago), Shiner only had two choices: regular (what they now call Blonde) or Bock. Now, they've expanded their repertoire to include Black Lager, Dunkelweizen, Hefeweizen, Kolsch, and at this moment I'm enjoying their limited-edition Bavarian Amber, which I hope becomes a permanent fixture. All of these are superior to Bock, which is their flagship beer.

Something else you should know: Shiner Bock ain't no real bock. To taste a true one, I'd recommend St. Arnold's Spring Bock, but I bet you can't get it in KC. The real thing is much maltier than what Shiner makes.

Lee said...

Oh yeah, since you've slammed Budweiser for putting rice in their beer, I thought you should know: Shiner Bock is made with corn. Sorry if I've disillusioned you. :-)