Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Want That!

Dang Lee, it must be nice living in Austin. Not only is it filthy with brewpubs, your movie theater's manage to have enough sack to serve Mo' Fo' beer AND offer a better selection than most of the bars in KC:

Then, come to find out they serve Red Hook on tap at the SPORTS BARS! You're killin' me, man, killin' me.


Lee said...

Ha! I just now stumbled across this post. Yes, Austin is a rockin' beer town, and the theatre to which you refer, Alamo Drafthouse, is amazing — you can drink a good brew or wine and get a nice meal while you watch your movie. You have to wonder why no one thought of it earlier. Entertainment Weekly last year rated them as the best movie theater in America. I know the couple that founded Alamo, and they are way cool. I think KC has something similar in Zona Rosa, but I have no idea what their beer selection is like.

Alamo began franchising a few years ago — maybe an enterprising person up in KC will open one there?

Lee said...

A bit of a warning, though: that listing of the Austin brewpub scene to which you link apparently hasn't been updated in a while. The Bitter End caught fire (in the literal sense) and never reopened, and the Copper Tank closed down a year or two ago.

Muddy Mo said...

"The Majestic" is the place at Zona Rosa. They don't even carry Boulevard. Premiums are Guinness, Heineken, Red Stripe and Sam Adams.