Friday, November 02, 2007

Acme Award to Chimpotle

Through the KC Beer Blog, I recently discovered the eclectic, prolific and always entertaining Chimpotle .

In just the last week there has been a giant, creepy, Jason invasion of London; a shared e-mail pic of Mus Linnaeus captured in mid coitus inthespringtrappus sent by his wife; the amazing flying lactation fantasy troupe , boldly performing a free-fall ballet on their way to the bosom of a fantastically hot version of Grace Slick; a new jewelry design, no doubt destined for HSN ; and an Ed Sullivanesque intro to the KC blogging public of a borderline "sign of the end days" blog via a link to the latest internet mini-sensation: the Mickey D pie. Thanks Chimp, it was a "really good shew."

Of course Chimp had to include a gratuitous reference to another post regarding some active culture from the vajayjay food network.

Yes, I know what your thinking, don't even go there.

Before I could shut it down, the synapses in my doral root ganglia reflexively cause my index finger to click and I was there and I am not lying, I found the the greatest thing ever posted on a blog. Behold the Jesus Lizard's "Nub" Live in 1994 clip.

"Duane Denison and David Yow double-team a meddling audience member who makes the horrific mistake of fucking with Duane’s amp, earning a mid-song beatdown. David Sims and Mac McNeilly never miss a beat."

More impressions of Jesus Lizard:

"The Jesus Lizard were one of the few authentically scary bands that I’ve ever seen. When all four members locked into their respective grooves, they opened a mildly Satanic portal to a moist, sweaty hell. Imagine teleporting into a dark wooden shack in the middle of the desert at noontime. There is a shirtless, sweating man drinking heavily at a knife-scarred table who looks you deep in the eye and cackles as he offers you a beer. Nothing actually happens, but it could get very, very bad at any moment.

That’s pretty much what the Jesus Lizard felt like in concert, plus a very real fear of being trampled or accidentally touching the singer’s exposed penis. It was easier to do than you might think."

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Jeff Simmermon said...

Hey dude -- thanks for the link to my Jesus Lizard post! I really appreciate your giving my writing ups, too -- very genuinely flattering. Stick around and come back when you can ...

-Jeff Simmermon