Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lunar Comback, Better than Liza Moonelli

Decided to give the Bully Lunar another shot. It's my hometown brewery so I really should cut them some slack.

I'm beginning to warm up to this beer for several reasons:

1) I'm partial to carbonation and even though this is a dark beer it has a good deal of carbonation. Some might say that my beer palate has been ruined by too many "great" American Lagers, but so be it. ( I'm amused that AB is lately using this "Great American Lager" meme. Seems this might be another response to the pain being inflicted by the craft beer market; I don't ever recall a Bud ad referring to the fact that it is a Lager.

2) Sometimes I have to try a beer more than once to get a good impression. The second time around I found there was some complexity, a little bit of apple a little sourness with a nice dry finish.

3) Lastly, I just tried a beer that was truly crap and it helped give me some perspective. Holy Crap, is Beck's Octoberfest bad. I got it as part of a HY-VEE mix 'n match where I like to get a seasonal beer when available. This beer has nothing going for it. It's just a regular Beck's with some cloves. As it got warmer the nastiness grew geometrically. Thrasher at Beer Advocate said it best,
"an offensive metallic aftertaste, much the same effect as sucking on a quarter that you picked up off the street."

So, Lunar Ale makes a comeback, only it's a successful comeback, unlike Liza's many disappointments.

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Lee said...

I recently had the same experience with both Lunar and Bob's 47. I'm still not completely sold on the Lunar, but it's all right. I tried the Bob's last year and wasn't too impressed, but maybe my taste for Oktoberfest beers hadn't been fully rounded yet. Or maybe they tweaked the recipe. In any case, I tried it again this fall and I think Bob's is delish now.