Monday, June 30, 2008

Michael Jacskson Caught Fondling a Pint-Sized Taddy

No, not that Michael Jackson,

This Michael Jackson, the beer expert.

Although, if Micheal Jackson the Beer Hunter had recently fondled a pint, it should be bigger news than Michael Jackson the Boy Hunter recently fondling anything, since the Beer Hunter passed away almost a year ago.

For Father's Day, my daughter gave me the paperback book, "Great Bear Guide", which was sweet.

Now the Beer Hunter's 1977 "World Beer Guide" has been credited with jump starting the beer renaissance in the United States and I have no reason to argue with that claim.  But as so often happens when an individual personality becomes closely associated with a product, lots of things get peddled with the prime goal of making a buck and I think this is one of them. Yes, there are a 500 pictures of beer and descriptions of each, but the selections they  made seem somewhat dubious.  A great beer guide should list all the major beers made by the Trappist abbey's but Rochefort is left out. The crappy Newcastle brown ale is reviewed which includes the appropriate backhanded compliment, "has a great student following" yet the greatest brown ale in the world, Samuel Smith's, gets nada.

I hope to follow up soon with a few good suggestions for beer guides that your beer geek would like.  In the meantime, you might consider a Tee Shirt:

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Those Irish Sure Do Talk Funny

Updated 3/8/09: I hate it when images I have uploaded from online locations disapper. All the Perryton neighbor pictures have been restored!

Eolaí gan Fhéile, succesful artist and author of the Irish KC blog, likes good beer and periodically posts excerpts from his bicycle trek across the US. At one time I was an avid biker, and I have recently come to appreciate good beer. However, since I have never biked more than 76 miles in one day (Eolai, 135) and have never drank more than three pints of Guinness in one day (Eolai, 28), I will admit I am slightly in awe of the guy, plus he is a good writer, so I enjoy his Cycle Across America journal. The latest excerpt covers the time he traveled through the Oklahoma panhandle on the way to Perryton, Texas.

The folks at the McDonald's in Perryton were fascinated to have in their midst, an Irishman bicycling across America:

"One woman told me all about her and her husband’s visit to Dublin, their stay in the Shelbourne, the Ardagh Chalice, and she showed me the Claddagh ring she was wearing. They had had the most wonderful time there and it seems I, through my Irishness, was in some way responsible."

If you are like me and have never heard of a Claddagh ring, click here.

This ring that the Perrytown woman wears is named after an area that, according to Wikipedia, now hosts some rather expensive beach front property.

Disclaimer : The following is just a personal view from the river's edge...

During her trip to Ireland, the woman with the Claddagh ring probably found the place to be very quaint, with lots of unusual people;

Unlike her hometown:

And her neighbors:

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Muddy Mo Eclectic Kool-Aid Acid Tour #1

Start: 7:00 pm Thursday: Put grass seed down on bare spots on Mother's front lawn.

12:30 pm Friday: Lunch with Bull E. Vard on Friday: "The Art of Pizza" in the crossroads.

5:00 pm Friday: Happy Hour at JP's Wine Bar to see off a co-worker who found a better job.

9:00 pm Friday: Watch the Letter Division play at the Record Bar.

9:00 am Saturday: Free Golf Seminar at Hodge Park: "The Why's of Golf"

11:30 am Saturday: Pick up "pink" spackle at Ace Hardware

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Double Barrel Justice

Gone Mild sums up my feelings on the recent SCOTUS ruling, exactly.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hormones R Us?

Betizuka is bi-lingual and wonders if her personality changes with the language she is speaking. This nicely illustrates a possibility we would rather not consider, but can hardly escape. Namely, that our perception of being, that which we refer to when we say, "I", that core personality we carry around, may be an illusion. The Discovery Channel's "Human Body" series has some fascinating pieces on what happens to our behavior when our survival is threatened. For one fellow stranded at sea in a raft, fish eyes became a most delicious dessert.

Believing that our actions are based on a logic driven inner self may simply be the biological equivalent of a 3 card monte shell game, necessary to help keep us alive.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

French Croc's FutureVision

Wikipedia's article on the Lacoste apparel company says it was founded by Rene Lacoste, a French tennis player dubbed "the Alligator" by American journalists covering the 1923 Davis Cup. And here I thought "Lacoste" was French for crocodile.

Now I don't reflexively hate the French, like some of some of the un-dead my fellow Americans.

But, is there any doubt that this ad could only come from a French ad agency?

Where else would they envision the athlete of the future as white plastic human-locust chimera?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heartburn, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach DIARREAH, yay pepto bismol!

H/T: And I'm Not Lying

Getting it Cheap 'n Easy 6/21/08 - 6/23/08

Besides the obvious cheap thrills available in KC this weekend - Jazz in the Woods, Shakespeare Festival, The Waldo Crawldo Pub Crawl - here are a few nuggets from the Kansas City Star Weekend Preview:
  • Local Legends Beer Tasting: Saturday 6 to 8 pm $10. Marriott's Courtyard Kansas City Country Club website describes itself as a "boutique" hotel, so don't be like Bull E. Vard. Wear socks.

  • Robert Moore, the host of Sonic Spectrum, will be at The Brick on Friday at 9:00 pm to cover the performances of Olympic Size and Ghosty

  • Po's Dumpling Bar received a nice write-up by Lauren Chapin. Dim Sum every day of the week!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Thanks to Michelle, I now know about Farmer Bob which led me to the preview of this movie which is amazing because somehow they made Kirsten Dunst pre-pubescent so she can can have a second career (this could become a trend).