Sunday, June 29, 2008

Those Irish Sure Do Talk Funny

Updated 3/8/09: I hate it when images I have uploaded from online locations disapper. All the Perryton neighbor pictures have been restored!

Eolaí gan Fhéile, succesful artist and author of the Irish KC blog, likes good beer and periodically posts excerpts from his bicycle trek across the US. At one time I was an avid biker, and I have recently come to appreciate good beer. However, since I have never biked more than 76 miles in one day (Eolai, 135) and have never drank more than three pints of Guinness in one day (Eolai, 28), I will admit I am slightly in awe of the guy, plus he is a good writer, so I enjoy his Cycle Across America journal. The latest excerpt covers the time he traveled through the Oklahoma panhandle on the way to Perryton, Texas.

The folks at the McDonald's in Perryton were fascinated to have in their midst, an Irishman bicycling across America:

"One woman told me all about her and her husband’s visit to Dublin, their stay in the Shelbourne, the Ardagh Chalice, and she showed me the Claddagh ring she was wearing. They had had the most wonderful time there and it seems I, through my Irishness, was in some way responsible."

If you are like me and have never heard of a Claddagh ring, click here.

This ring that the Perrytown woman wears is named after an area that, according to Wikipedia, now hosts some rather expensive beach front property.

Disclaimer : The following is just a personal view from the river's edge...

During her trip to Ireland, the woman with the Claddagh ring probably found the place to be very quaint, with lots of unusual people;

Unlike her hometown:

And her neighbors:

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Eolaí gan Fhéile said...

You're way too kind - especially to a man obviously living off past glories. Next I think I'll blog a future long-distance cycle across Australia - without ever actually doing it; I'll just need a few pints to help me imagine the effort, and a lot less pints than it used to take.