Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hormones R Us?

Betizuka is bi-lingual and wonders if her personality changes with the language she is speaking. This nicely illustrates a possibility we would rather not consider, but can hardly escape. Namely, that our perception of being, that which we refer to when we say, "I", that core personality we carry around, may be an illusion. The Discovery Channel's "Human Body" series has some fascinating pieces on what happens to our behavior when our survival is threatened. For one fellow stranded at sea in a raft, fish eyes became a most delicious dessert.

Believing that our actions are based on a logic driven inner self may simply be the biological equivalent of a 3 card monte shell game, necessary to help keep us alive.

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Bea said...

This only takes me to be convinced of one thing: We are an amazing species; capable of adapting and responding not only physically but mentally to any kind of situation, extreme or not.