Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Cage Match: Peet vs. McCarthy

Amanda Peet and Jenny McCarthy are on opposite sides of the vaccination issue. Peet called people like McCarthy "parasites".

Tale of the Tape

Peet01/11/725' 6 1/2"165
McCarthy 11/01/725' 7"121

The vitals don't tell you much. But, I think Peet is much tougher and would wipe the floor with her.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Like a Little Strange in Your Bed?

4/19/09: updated to restore "epic fail" image and strike the reference to the "Strange Bedfellows" widget and replace with "Accountability Now".

Well, it's official:

Congress votes to immunize lawbreaking telecoms, legalize warrantless eavesdropping

However, this can be just the beginning of something remarkable, namely a campaign to stop the sham compromise on retroactive immunity that was passed by the Senate today with the help of Barack Obama and my own Senator, Claire McCaskill (and Christopher "Kit the magical porkmeister lush boy" Bond, of course)

On the upper left hand side of this page, there is a graphic underneath the title, "Strange Bedfellows" Click it to find out more. Just click here.

h/t Martin Bosworth for the "Epic Fail" pic. His piece at HuffPo is well worth a read, also.

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Clueless Manifested

A sure sign you are getting old: When a reference to a popular SNL character goes right over your head. I don't recall having heard of Sally O'Malley until yesterday. However, there are no YouTube videos of any actual SNL skits with Molly Shannon as Sally O'Malley. I don't like wasting my time with all the crappy ads on other video hosting sites, so I settled for this YouTube video of someone imitating Molly Shannon's character. Feel my pain.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

If (Rage > Genuis) then Geek = Incarcerated;

Today, the CNET News Blog reads like a major daily police blotter:

Hans Reiser, the Linux programmer convicted in April of murdering his estranged wife, led police to what is believed to be her body, authorities told the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday.

Predictably, Hans was his own worst enemy during the trial.

The state had no body, no murder weapons, no witnesses to any violent action on Reiser's part at the time his wife, Nina, disappeared. Their case hinged on the Reiser's strange behavior shortly after her disappearance, including the fact that his Honda Civic SI came up missing days after Nina did. Reiser hired the best lawyers money could buy, but then he didn't listen to their advice. He took the stand and put on the "Geek Defense" to explain his behavior, which included removing his hard drives from his computer and giving them to his attorney and driving over 50 miles to Manteca, CA to rent a storage locker.

Testimony like this probably didn't help his case:

"You'll admit that one of the reasons you wanted to rent the storage locker was to hide your car?" prosecutor Paul Hora demanded.

"Yes. That was one of the reasons," Reiser replied.

And why Manteca?

"Why not?" the defendant answered.

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Me and Claire

Text of the letter I sent to Claire McCaskill:

Dear Senator McCaskill,

In March you wrote to me about the Senate FISA legislation you supported. I appreciated your reply.

This week, new "compromise" legislation will come before the Senate. I urge you to join with Sen. Feingold and Sen. Dodd in their attempt to block this flawed legislation. Defeating this legislation will not leave our nation defenseless! It means we will be working under the FISA legislation that has been modernized almost a half a dozen times since it was enacted. Intelligence gathering will not suffer.

What will suffer if this legislation is passed will be our civil liberties guaranteed by the Fourth Amendendment to the constitution. In your March letter you wrote, "I just don’t think we should punish [the telecom companies] for their good-faith reliance on government assurances that they were assisting in a legal effort to combat terrorism." Senator, when did we come to the point in our national discourse where we believe that the U.S. President has the power to "order" private citizens to do anything, let alone to break the law! Do you view the President as a monarch -- someone who can issue "orders" that must be obeyed, even when the "orders" are illegal? I hope not, because that just isn't how our country works and it never was.

Besides the defacto telecom immunity this legislation provides for, there is another reason the legislation needs to be defeated: It allows the Government, for the first time, to tap physically into U.S. telecommunications networks inside our country with no individual warrant requirement. Claims that this new bill creates "an independent monitor to prevent abuses and to protect the civil liberties of the American people" are truly misleading, since the new FISA bill actually does the opposite -- it frees the Government from exactly that monitoring in all sorts of broad categories.

Please Senator, do everything you can to block this legislation.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Momma, Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up to be the Wrong Kind of Athlete

The AP story begins, "Tom Pernice Jr. was easy to ignore..."

Tom Pernice, Jr., proud Raytown High Blue Jay ('77) is leading the the AT&T National PGA tournament with 18 holes to play. Tom is the 66th golfer on the PGA money list this year, good for $900,544. Tom's highest finish in a tournament this season was 8th. It's hard to ignore numbers like that!

If your son has a dream to be a professional athlete in a sport other than golf, do him a favor and crush those dreams. Then hand him the newest 460cc, 9.5 degree Titleist 907D1 Driver and tell him to get to work. And don't be mistaken, there is work involved with golf. Witness Tom's driving range divots from the 2008 Northern Trust Open:

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Exotic Sh*t

I had plans to grill for the family on the 4th, I really did. But at 2:00 I still had not cleaned the grill. In my younger days, I would have made a heroic effort and I would have kept my word and fixed dinner on the grill only it would be burned/raw and served sometime past 8:00 to me because my family would have already gone to Wendy's for dinner. I am wiser now and told Mrs. Mud at 2:00, "guess I'm not grilling after all." It was OK , we had some traditional American fourth fare in the freezer, her home-made Manicotti.

As for beer on hand, that was another story. The inventory consisted of 2 unfamiliar Belgians, Delerium Tremens and Michelob Ultra, so off to Bubbles liquor store to get something to pair with the Manicotti. Bubbles is somewhat like your typical locally owned liquor store, only it's not because they have an incredible inventory of beer! I browsed the shelves thinking maybe I would get a Belgian Witbier, when I saw some of the Boulevard Smokestack Series in the cooler. (Has anyone seen these kept in a cooler at another liquor store?) The cooler windows at Bubbles could be replaced with stainless steel and it would not make a difference, because they are always covered by so much condensation it is impossible to see what is inside. As I opened the cooler I crossed my fingers and hoped for the Saison, which I had yet to try... SCORE!

As I stood in front of the cooler marveling at my good fortune, I saw a fellow on my left trying to peek through the condensation. He was a fairly large guy with tats on each forearm, completely dressed in black with a beard and longish black hair parted in the middle. He glanced at me and then kind of leaned over and attempted to look in the cooler window in front of me, then he straightened back up and with a sheepish, child-like look on his face, he turned to me and said, "Sometimes I like to get some exotic shit!" He appeared vaguely familiar to me, but I was certain I had never met him. Later, I realized the reason for my deja vu moment, he could have been the twin brother of HBO Deadwood's Dan Dority, played by W. Earl Brown. I really liked Dan Dority. Push come to shove I might have to say he was my favorite character on the show. That must explain what I did next, which was to ask, "Have you ever tried any of the Boulevard Smokestack Series?"

Dan said, "No" so I held up the bottle of Saison. He took the 750ml bottle from me, gazed at the label, then at the cork and said, "That's beer?" I gave him a brief explanation about the Smokestack Series and the Saison style. He handed the bottle back to me and said, "This isn't one of those wheat beers, is it?" At that moment, I knew exactly what to do because just before I began the conversation with Dan, when I was celebrating my good fortune as I reached for the bottle of Saison, I noticed they also had "Long Strange Tripel. As I explained to Dan that the Saison was not a wheat beer, I opened the cooler door pointed at the Tripel and said, "Here is what you should try. It's a Belgian style with a very high alcohol content." He took the bottle down from the shelf, looked at it and said, "9% alcohol? Cool. Thanks Man!" and headed straight for the register.
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Friday, July 04, 2008

Great Human Achievments

Thanks to So Many Books, So Little Time I learned of a great human technical achievement called Wordle, which I used to frame another great human achievement in an interesting way. Just click on the upper left of this page below the title, "Declaration of Independence". An MP3 of the declaration being read is available here.

On a personal note, during my morning walk with my dog, Spaten, I ran into Kotayk, a woman who worked in my department for about six months last year. I was glad to see her because we are looking for people again and I had not been able to contact her. Kotayk is from Armenia and although somewhat shy and reserved, she is smart, professional and an asset to our department.

Standing on the sidewalk trying to avoid Spaten's muddy paws, Kotayk explained how she finally finished school and had just gotten back from her country. Then she spontaneously threw her hands up in the air, laughed and blurted out, "I Love America!"

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blogosphere vs Beltway Wisdom

Beltway Wisdom
: Greg Craig, advisor to Barack Obama, attorney at law, holder of all the credentials the beltway villagers prefer, what do you have to say about the noise the "liberal blogosphere" is making about Obama's plan to vote for the FISA reform legislation.

Greg Craig
: "Obviously, there was an element of what’s possible here. But he concluded that with FISA expiring, that it was better to get a compromise than letting the law expire." -7/2/08 NYT

Liberal Blogosphere
: Greg Craig. Seriously? Is that a stage name?


Forget it. What you just said reminds us of a line from the movie "Being John Malkovich" where John Cusack's character is inhabiting John Malkovich's body and has a "brilliant" idea to make it rich as the puppeteer of John Malkovich:

John Malkcovich (as Cusack's character): We'd wipe the floor with the Great Mantini!

Maxine: Oh, Craiggy, that's brilliant!

you spilled your power trip dood, cuz there's no expiring of FISA!

What? FISA doesn't expire? But Dana Perino said...

Well, yea sure, FISA doesn't expire, but, but, the warrants, yea that's it, the warrants under FISA would, expire, yea expire in August. Sure, sure and Obama supported the FISA "compromise" to prevent that, yea, to prevent that from happening!

You mean the surveillance orders authorized by the Protect America Act that allow the Government to spy with no individual warrants?

Yes, yes those orders in the Protect America Act. Obama wants to avoid having those expire.

Uh, Greg? Have you always been a tool or did you only recently become a stunt double for David Hasselhoff's joint?

Obama voted against the Protect America Act last January. If his side had prevailed, the surveillance orders you just claimed he supports would have expired six months ago.

I don't like your tone. You're rude and uncivil!

And you're not invited to any of the Politico shindigs!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The MIZZOURAH! blog is now on MySpace. If you are right people, you should send a friend request immediately because the first 50 requestors will be eligible for a drawing to see who gets an all expenses paid evening out at Harpo's with all these ladies.

Of course, rightous Tiger gals are highly encouraged to send friend requests also. But since I won't spend any time looking for hunks, I'll just throw in some gratuitous tiger cuteness:

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