Monday, July 07, 2008

If (Rage > Genuis) then Geek = Incarcerated;

Today, the CNET News Blog reads like a major daily police blotter:

Hans Reiser, the Linux programmer convicted in April of murdering his estranged wife, led police to what is believed to be her body, authorities told the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday.

Predictably, Hans was his own worst enemy during the trial.

The state had no body, no murder weapons, no witnesses to any violent action on Reiser's part at the time his wife, Nina, disappeared. Their case hinged on the Reiser's strange behavior shortly after her disappearance, including the fact that his Honda Civic SI came up missing days after Nina did. Reiser hired the best lawyers money could buy, but then he didn't listen to their advice. He took the stand and put on the "Geek Defense" to explain his behavior, which included removing his hard drives from his computer and giving them to his attorney and driving over 50 miles to Manteca, CA to rent a storage locker.

Testimony like this probably didn't help his case:

"You'll admit that one of the reasons you wanted to rent the storage locker was to hide your car?" prosecutor Paul Hora demanded.

"Yes. That was one of the reasons," Reiser replied.

And why Manteca?

"Why not?" the defendant answered.

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