Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blogosphere vs Beltway Wisdom

Beltway Wisdom
: Greg Craig, advisor to Barack Obama, attorney at law, holder of all the credentials the beltway villagers prefer, what do you have to say about the noise the "liberal blogosphere" is making about Obama's plan to vote for the FISA reform legislation.

Greg Craig
: "Obviously, there was an element of what’s possible here. But he concluded that with FISA expiring, that it was better to get a compromise than letting the law expire." -7/2/08 NYT

Liberal Blogosphere
: Greg Craig. Seriously? Is that a stage name?


Forget it. What you just said reminds us of a line from the movie "Being John Malkovich" where John Cusack's character is inhabiting John Malkovich's body and has a "brilliant" idea to make it rich as the puppeteer of John Malkovich:

John Malkcovich (as Cusack's character): We'd wipe the floor with the Great Mantini!

Maxine: Oh, Craiggy, that's brilliant!

you spilled your power trip dood, cuz there's no expiring of FISA!

What? FISA doesn't expire? But Dana Perino said...

Well, yea sure, FISA doesn't expire, but, but, the warrants, yea that's it, the warrants under FISA would, expire, yea expire in August. Sure, sure and Obama supported the FISA "compromise" to prevent that, yea, to prevent that from happening!

You mean the surveillance orders authorized by the Protect America Act that allow the Government to spy with no individual warrants?

Yes, yes those orders in the Protect America Act. Obama wants to avoid having those expire.

Uh, Greg? Have you always been a tool or did you only recently become a stunt double for David Hasselhoff's joint?

Obama voted against the Protect America Act last January. If his side had prevailed, the surveillance orders you just claimed he supports would have expired six months ago.

I don't like your tone. You're rude and uncivil!

And you're not invited to any of the Politico shindigs!

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Society-Rules said...

A stage name? Could you lot be any sadder? Greg Criag is one hell of an attorny in law. Jealousy is an awful thing...