Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/30/08: Border Showdown II

Observations from Section 332 at Arrowhead
  • Attended with Muddy, Jr. our first Tiger football game together.
  • Things Jr. learned: How to dress for cold weather football; Importance of bringing a towel to the game when there is rain/snow; The fantastic chemistry that is hand warmer packets
  • Seated at the same end of the stadium with the Beakhawks band: at half-time they played Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" in tribute to the Guitar Hero video game?
  • Mostly Mizzou fans in our section
  • Rowdy Mizzou bunch in the row behind us
  • Smart ass KU punk about 5 few rows down wearing #5 jersey
  • Middle age guys in front of us found it easier to climb all over me and Jr. when they made a beer run because their wives were all bundled up sharing blankets an apparently couldn't be disturbed.
  • KU scores first TD about 35 seconds after the beginning of the 2nd Quarter
  • When the beer flew toward a KU fan in front of me, I had a bad feeling
  • MU 0 KU 10
  • Tigers finally scored a TD and I shouted down at the KU punk giving him back some crap.
  • KU punk sat back down and flipped me off over his shoulder.
  • My reply, "Eat it, bitch!" was met with approval from nearby Tiger fans and high fives from the rowdy bunch behind us.
  • MU 7 KU 10
  • KU scores a Safety
  • Another beer flew and hit a guy who was, well, nonplussed.
  • Physical description of nonplussed man: Picture an oak tree cut down at about the 5' 9" mark, dressed completely in black leather, black stocking cap and mirrored sunglasses.
  • Oak Tree Man turns & calmly surveys various suspects. Focuses on the rowdy bunch.
  • Oak Tree Man points at one guy in particular and says, "I will come up there and cut your throat in front of all these people and then the police will come and give me a ride. I don't give a fuck."
  • MU 7 KU 12
  • Oak Tree Man leaves.
  • Rowdy bunch starts passing around a doobie
  • KU scores another TD
  • I go looking for a Boulevard beer.
  • MU 7 KU 19
  • At each concession stand they tell me they might have Boulevard at the next one. Epic fail. Buy a bottle of water.
  • MU kicks a field goal as I get back from my failed beer run.
  • Faint snow flurries start turning into rain & I dread the prospect of using a poncho.
  • Someone tells rowdy bunch they can't smoke cigarettes. "OK", they say. "No more smoking cigarettes!"
  • MU 10 KU 19
  • Second half begins and Oak Tree Man comes back to his seat, looks up a the rowdy bunch and asks, "Wanna throw another beer?"
  • It stops raining and the snow starts for real.
  • Mizzou defense can't stop a snowflake
  • MU 10 KU 26
  • Break out the hand warmers. Muddy Jr. is amazed
  • Mizzou scores 13 points in 60 seconds. Why did Pinkel go for 2 points?
  • MU 23 KU 26
  • Rowdy crew start their own mosh pit
  • Maclin is hurt. Crap.
  • Tigers take the lead!
  • MU 30 KU 26
  • Who is Marcus Hereford and why is he allowed to gain 31 yards on a pass play?
  • Beakhawks take back the lead
  • MU 30 KU 33
  • Chase, Chase & JMac come flying back
  • Haven't heard from KU punk #5 lately
  • 1:50 in the game. First and goal at the KU 6. Please, please run the ball.
  • MU Scores!
  • There's too much damn time on the clock.
  • MU 37 KU 33
  • Rowdy bunch start laughing about Oak Tree Man. "He said he was gonna cut me!" Hilarious. I check my cell phone battery in case I need to call 911
  • On fourth and 7, why is an MU D-back looking at the quarterback while Kerry effing Meir runs by him?
  • One of the rowdy gang falls forward onto me and I almost fall into the next row.
  • Considering paying Oak Tree Man to cut their throats.
  • Do I really want this game to go into overtime?
  • MU 37 KU 40
  • JMac is back! Returns the kick 35 yards. One Last Chance.
  • Hell yes I want overtime. I've got packet warmers!
  • Chase hits Perry for a big gain.
  • Why doesn't Pinkel call time out?
  • Sideline pass to a wide open Danario Alexanders just misses. Dudes!
  • Rushing to line up for the field goal. Why doesn't Pinkel call time out?
  • The kicks looks like a wounded duck.
  • Yell at Muddy Jr. LETS GO! LETS GO!
  • Get the hell out of there before they started that freaking chant.


Lee said...

Holy crap, Muddy Mo is alive and actually posted to his blog!

Muddy Mo said...

As Lili Von Shtupp said in Blazing Saddles, It's twew! It's Twew!"