Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Border Meltdown

Are you a Missouri Tiger football fan trying to get over that 40-37 hangover? Try the excellent MIZZOURAH! blog.

This "hours after" post by True Son sums it up for me:

But even though essentially all of the players returned from last year’s group this is hardly the same team. The difference between this season and last is that this year’s team—to use the corniest of all overused sports clichés—has lost that eye of the tiger. Yep, this is a textbook example of season-after syndrome.

For those of you unfamiliar with this chronic disease, it often strikes teams coming off a season of prodigious success. Its victims have a tendency to get caught up in pre-season accolades and often become complacent and content with their past achievements.

The Tigers are displaying all the symptoms. Last year’s squad was hungry and always played like it had something to prove. It had a chip on its shoulder and wasn’t afraid of a little adversity. This season the Tigers have repeatedly started games flat. They’ve taken their foot off the pedal many times when they had chances to bury teams. They’ve played soft.

Then this "day after" post by Big Head addresses the issue that has been the primal scream inside my skull ever since I saw Pinkel on Metro Sports talk about the 4th and 7 play:

Blitzing the safety on a 4th and 7 on Meier's game winning touchdown, one where it was basically score or lose, was the dumbest thing I've seen since.
And they've got a regular anonymous k.u.chebag commenter who is a master of disguise:

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Lee said...

I too was stunned that he chose to blitz when he should have had every player available waiting in the end zone.