Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad

This guy goes into the liquor store looking for a sixer of New Belgium Frambozen and comes out with a bottle of Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad. Punch Line? None! That was me! AH HAHAHAHAHAH!

Bottle #4484

It pours a deep copper color...

While I was trying to cajole Bubble's somewhat skeptical owner to order some Frambozen, I thought it might help if I plopped a nice high dollar beer on the counter. I had seen the Brett Saison in the cooler on a previous visit, so while he was trying to get the distributor on the phone I grabbed a bottle and put it on the counter.

The creamy head is not thick, but pools up in a small circle that floats in the middle...

The owner had to leave a message for the distributor and after he hung up he asked me if I had seen the new Smokestack they just got today.

Just a hint of bourbon and cherries hits the nose. Like no other beer I have tried...

Huh? Say What? "Yea" he says, "they just delivered it this morning. I heard it is a limited edition and that everyone has been waiting for it to come out. "

Creamy and smooth. Smokey, like a fine bourbon.

As I ran back towards the Smokestack floor display I thought, "Legs, don't fail me now."

This beer is rocking my world.


Chimpotle said...

Son of a....I was just over there for lunch yesterday at Margarita's. Gomer's by my house better have this shiz.

The Frambozen shortage has been outrageous.

Lee said...

Ooh, you're getting me all excited about my xmas trip to KC.

a beer sort of girl said...

Yay! Shopping trip for me tonight!