Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chuck Schumer: Confessions of a Jewish Hit Man

He was da wrong guy for da job. Youse shoulda hert somma da tings he was sayin. So, when da boss sez somebody atta dooz sumpinabaddit, well, I sez yea, I'll do sumpinabaddit.”

-- In an exclusive interview with Muddy Mo Media, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer talks about having Charles Freeman's nomination for Director of the NIC whacked on orders from AIPAC.

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Jules said...

How is this kind of blog post acceptable in the year 2009? If a Hispanic congressman opposed the nomination of an anti-immigration official to an important position, would they be portrayed as a Mexican hitman? Jews have the same right to free speech as anyone else in America, and I am disgusted to see that you see fit to dismiss that right just because you don't like the specific position being advanced.