Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Goldman Sachs,

Dear Angel of the bottomless pit Goldman Sachs,

I like Mike Morgan's blog But I would never have known about it had it not been for your recent C&D.

I now get all my news about Beelzebub Goldman Sachs from and

I know is not affiliated with Black Donald Goldman Sachs in anyway. How does one know that the Cloven Hoof Goldman Sachs is not affiliated with


When one clicks on the website's URL, one is not overcome by the foul stench commonly given off by progeny of proto-oligarchs like Belial Goldman Sachs.

You should know that thanks to, Goldman Sachs 666 now gets 7000+ hits on Google.


And with the help of, the Goldman Sachs 666 book is sure to be a best seller.

But wait, there's more!

Courtesy of, I know that Mephistopheles' Goldman Sachs' employees like to dine on a little something called "Baked Gia" at the end of each quarter.

And it it was illuminating to find this blog post at which confirmed Abaddon Goldman Sachs has the technology to manipulate markets.

If you could see clear to answer one question: What percentage of the latest Mammon Goldman Sachs bonuses were from the return on that Armageddon SCDO tranch?

Muddy Mo


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