Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kevin Spacey: Twitter Critter in London...

... and part-time actor.

Kevin Spacey is one of my heroes. This is to be expected, since he is a member of my cohort who became a superstar in Hollywood while sporting a middle-aged mug and an accountant's physique.

Beyond that, however, I feel Kevin and I have a special connection, since I knew him before he was Lex Luthor,

before he became our generation's Willie Loman,

before he tortured/was tortured by, Frank Whaley,

Way back when he was Mel Profitt:

Kev--I'm one of the few who can get away with calling him that--masterfully loomed the woof and warp of a paranoid, psychopathic (and incestuous), crime syndicate boss, simultaneously repulsive and irresistible, presaging Tony Soprano by a dozen years.

And now look at him: Living in London since 2003, working as a theater director, sending tweets while being interviewed by Letterman and starring in the new indie, Shrink, premiering 7/24.

Of course he breaks new ground: It should come as a surprise to no one that Spacey is the only person with the sac to tackle the job of psychoanalyzing Robin Williams.

WTG, Kev!

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