Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Where My Lazy Ass Finally Posts About Brew Day 3.0

I attended BrewDay 3.0, organized by Wort Hog & KC Hophead and graciously hosted by Kegerator Merlin and his lovely better half. But, you would never know it from reading this blog.

Yes, this blog is called Muddy Mo, but not due to the blogger's proximity to a famous Missouri tributary, but due to the atrocious manner in which the proprietor drags his brogans, as if he was using them to dredge up a river bed.

The Brew Day 3.0 experience was fantastic and all those I met, to a person, were the most congenial, interesting, smart and passionate people I could ever hope to find in one location. And that location was loaded with great beer!

One of the BD3.0 sponsors, KC Hophead, is Google friend of this blog. What does he get for his effort? Posts few and far between, often political screeds that make no sense to anyone but the procrastinating author. Yet his demeanor is hale and hearty and he greets me with a rich Oatmeal Raisin Stout and later unfurls the much prized Pliny the Elder. A tip of the racking cane to you, kind sir.

And what of the incomparable Wort Hog, brilliant beer and homebrew blogger/auteur/multi-tasker? With one hand she offers a delicious Dark Belgian from BD1.0 while brewing a Braggot and Mead with the other. After all that, you would think I could find a way to get one little post out in a timely manner. I have a Boulevard Smokestack bomber with you and Mr. Wort Hog's name on it. Think Spin! Pizza in the OP.

I learned alot and had a great time with people like Cornelius Blogger, who is a Curious Case. This "anonymous" journalist's knowledge of brew tech was only surpassed by his amazing --uncarbed!-- double IPA. Cornelius, I think that stuff started making me grow younger.

And who could forget the game of washers against KC Hophead and Rye & Ale, which lasted almost as long as the movie 2001-A Space Odyssey. I should have listened to my partner, U.J.N. when he said that AE35 unit was going bad.

I really enjoyed hearing about English ale from a fellow attendee CAMRA, who has been blessed with the experience of quaffing that sweet nectar from the source. We talked about the company that bought Guinness and I couldn't remember the name, even though I have blogged about it.

When the Lost Abbey 10 Commandments got passed around, I knew I was in a special place. I heard someone say "rosemary" after they tasted it. I got no rosemary, but I swear that stuff finished with a hint of blood, which kinda freaked me out.

The gracious host, Kegerator Merlin, who brewed an Amber Ale, took me on a tour of his nice brew gear. I bet that Amber turns out great. Thank you KM, I'm curious to find out if fermenting at lower temps gets good results. And thank your wife, Saint Gwendoloena, who handled the invasion of your manor with great aplomb. Let's start planning Brew Day 4.0!

P.S. to Drunk-Monkey: I finally added Show-Me Beer to my blog list. You've got a nice blog. Don't neglect it like yours truly does. I see from your Blip, that you got the Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen prize.

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Drunk-Monkey said...

Hey Mo,

Yes, I did end up with the Kellerweis. Proper props to come soon :) I'm planning on returning the favor next brew day