Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sac Envy

Dave at Seven Pack Beer Blog recently wrote a review of Sierra Nevada's newest year round offering: Torpedo Extra IPA. It is interesting to note that Dave seemed to have trouble finding this offering. I've considered this beer, but for some reason never pulled the trigger on a sixer.

Dave was curious about a whole cone dry-hopping device described in an SN press release as the "hop torpedo". SN's Bill Manley was kind enough to satisfy Dave's curiosity:

The torpedo essentially works like a giant coffee maker, except instead of coffee grounds they are hops, and instead of hot water, it is cold beer.

Sierra Nevada's got sacs made of stainless steel! What say you, Boulevard?

Nutcracker Sac pic stolen from KC Hop Head

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Anonymous said...

Boulevards sacks would still make a more comfortable pillow.