Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't Mess with Bell's Winter White Ale

Bell's Brewery's Winter White Ale
had a German hefe nose,
And if you ever tried it,
you might break out the lederhosen.

Lots of BeerAdvocate reviewers,
Want to gag and call Winter White Ale names.
They won't consider Witbier,
claim hefe's just for summer games.

Then one soggy March Thursday,
Muddy came to say,
all you rubes with your nose uptight,
I hope you choke on your Miller Lite!

Then the shallow-minded slaggers,
shouted out with glee,
"Winter brews must be dark 'n heavy"
or the grade we put down is a D!

Beer Advocate usually attracts a higher caliber of reviewers compared to RateBeer, but the bunch weighing in on Bell's Winter White ale is giving me second thoughts. Why don't people consider the style before hacking away at a review. Or maybe read the brewer's notes?

"A Wheat Ale brewed with American Wheat and a proprietary blend of Hefe and classic Belgian-style yeasts. A refreshing winter alternative created from the subtle fusion of two classic flavors."

It compares with some of the best belgian ales at less than $10 for a sixer! I have to wonder why a person would take the time to be a member of Beer Advocate then trash a well brewed beer just because it doesn't conform exactly to their perceived concept of how a beer should taste. Seems narrow minded and contrary to the spirit of being, you know, an advocate for beer.

The aroma is of a nice hefe, the appearance is not cloudy. On the tongue there is a subtle wheat flavor which succumbs to the tartness of the belgian yeast then finishes with fruity overtones and a lingering spiciness. The silky mouthfeel and 5% ABV make it eminently drinkable.

This beer delivers great taste at a great price. Another masterpiece from Bell's.

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