Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boss Muddy's Special Double Creamy Beer Reviews & Koch's Oligarchapalooza

I'm all in on this post to commemorate having accomplished my goal of posting each and every day in the month of March.

Boss Tom's Golden Bock

I am a bit chagrined that I am just now getting around to trying my hometown brewer's most recent 6 pack offering. In my defense, the last six pack I purchased was for Saint Patrick's Day and that, of course, was Boulevard Irish Ale. So, when it came time to purchase another sixer, Founders Dirty Bastard caught my eye and I confess I fondled the Left Hand Milk Stout, but I came back home for the Golden Bock.

Show-Me Beer did a great review of BTGB. In fact, it earned a link from Pitch blogs. I mention this because I want to post Drunk-Monkey's gorgeous picture, which puts my picture to shame.

Drunk-Monkey was also spot on when he said this beer would be great with a heavy meal. I had it with my dinner of Chicken Alfredo Florentine; it was the perfect compliment.

In general, I find the Maibock style of beer somewhat of an enigma, and Boss Tom was no different. Visually, the beer is stunning. The deep golden color and robust carbonation provides the classic beer image. But the aroma is muted and the initial taste not all that inspiring. Then, as I enjoyed the creamy pasta dinner dish, I found myself very much looking forward to each sip. The carbonation gives it a nice bite on the front end, followed by a slight caramel sweetness, then a nice warming finish from the +6% ABV. As I finished the beer I came to the conclusion that this is a damn good beverage.

Bell's Special Double Cream Stout

The picture is crappy, but the beer is good, even though it was not what I expected. It pours absolutely black with no translucence and topped by a dark brown foam that dissipates quickly. Strong chocolate and coffee aroma. Bell's web site refers to it as a dessert beer, so I was expecting something similar to Left Hand's Milk Stout. This was NOT sweet, this was more like unsweetened chocolate with a slight bitter hop finish. But the body is silky smooth and I enjoyed it very much.

Koch (pronounced "coke") Industries = Vomitous Disinformation PR Machine (AKA "Have Cocksuckers. Will Travel")

GreenPeace: Koch Industries Secretly Funding Climate Denial Machine


  • The company’s founder, Fred Koch, once earned $5 million building oil refineries in the Soviet Union during Joseph Stalin’s reign.
  • Fred Koch was a co-founder of the John Birch Society.
  • Charles G. and David H. Koch, two of Fred’s four sons, each now own 42% of the company’s stock. According to 2009 Forbes rankings, the Koch brothers are tied for the 19th richest person in the world, and for ninth richest American, each worth between $14 and $16 billion
  • Koch Industries has bankrolled Americans for Prosperity (AFP) to the tune of over $5 million since 2005.
  • AFP – known primarily for its role in organizing the tea party movement in the U.S. – brought notorious climate denier Lord Christopher Monckton to the Copenhagen climate summit as its guest speaker. Despite Lord Monckton’s reprehensible behavior in Copenhagen – where he repeatedly compared college students advocating for a clean energy future to “Hitler Youth” and “Nazis” – Americans for Prosperity continues to host Monckton at its events in the United States, including a recent appearance in Wisconsin.
  • While in Wisconsin on AFP’s dime, Monckton booked a side gig at a GOP fundraiser where he described President Barack Obama as a “monster.”
  • Koch was also one of the funders of the 2007 polar bear junk science “study” authored by prominent climate deniers (including Sallie Baliunas, David Legates and Tim Ball) that claimed to prove that polar bear populations were not affected by anthropogenic climate disruption in the Arctic.
  • Funded the Institute for Energy Research, which was behind the Danish study that attacked the viability of wind power.


Bigger in size than either Microsoft or AT&T, Koch Industries tends to fly under the public radar screen. Yet as the Center has previously reported, Koch — which owns refineries that can process over 800,000 oil barrels a day, and operates some 4,000 miles of pipeline — is a prolific political donor. Today, Koch is the second-largest privately held company in America.

While Koch has a long history of pushing libertarianism through its grant-making, more recently, the company has established itself as an aggressive opponent of climate legislation and a major funder of climate skeptics — including the libertarian Cato Institute.

Co-founded by Charles Koch in 1977, in recent years, the Cato Institute has hosted numerous D.C.-based briefings featuring various climate skeptics. A briefing book Cato distributed among members of the 107th Congress dismissed the Kyoto protocol and further asked, “Is the way the planet warms something that we should even try to stop?”

Though Cato’s funding has diversified since its early days, it’s thanks to Koch that the think-tank exists at all: According to Gregg Easterbrook, in its early years, the “largest portion” of the Cato Institute’s bills were paid by Charles Koch.

While Cato takes the battle for public opinion on global warming to the pages of the Post, Koch has conducted a quieter scrimmage behind the scenes. Last year alone Koch Industries spent $7.4 million to lobby Congress on global warming and other issues. Meanwhile as the Center noted in September, in recent years, Koch has stepped up its funding of other global warming skeptic groups as well. From 2004-2006, the Koch Foundation increased such funding to $5.3 million, an increase of 93 percent in just those two years alone.

Koch Industries, making the world safe for Oligarchs.


Drunk-Monkey said...

I'm really enjoying Boss Tom, great addition to the line up.

Lee said...

Finally got Boss Tom down here in Texas. It's a good'un. Maibock has become one of my fave styles this spring.