Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH): Mass Murderer

Let's tally up the Administration and Congress' track record on Health Care Reform:

[X]Single-Payer dealt away before negotiations even begin
[X]Mandated payments to private insurance companies
[X]IRS is collection agency for private insurance companies
[X]Backroom deals with Big Pharma
[X]Performing Yo-Yo tricks with the Public Option
[X]Double-fisted stroking of Blue Dog Democrats, for no good reason
[X]Rahm calling progressives fucking retards
[X]Buying votes with custom legislation for Nebraska and Louisiana
[X]Double-fisted stroking of Republicans, for no good reason
[X]Losing Ted Kennedy's seat

That seals it for me. I guess Moulitsas is right , if this health care legislation fails, the blood of 40,000 Americans will be on the hands of Dennis Kucinich and only Dennis Kucinich.

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Bull E. Vard said...

But, but, it's health care reform. It doesn't really matter what the reform is.

You may be shocked but I would much rather see a bill that Kucinich would support than the one that is going to come through. Your 3rd point kind of seals it for me. As well as the thought that we hate insurance companies so much, we're going to force you to buy their product (point 2).

Any Democrat who actually stands up for his beliefs should not be scorned, he should be applauded.