Sunday, March 07, 2010

Git Ur Econ Geek On

Last February, the Kauffman Foundation hosted the first ever Economics Bloggers Forum.

Granting that econ geeks are few and far between, if you are a local blogger and care even a wit about world events you should have stumbled across the blogs of at least one of the attendees listed below and perhaps share my sense of wonderment as to how the event passed us by with little or no fanfare.

Alison Schrager
Amity Shlaes
Bob Cringely
Brian Carney
David Warsh
Gregg Gordon
Mark Thoma
Mark Perry
Matt Schreiber OM III Capital Management
Scott Jagow
Seth Ditchik
Sramana Mitra
Steve Malanga
Tim Kane
Tyler Cowen
Bob Litan
Arnold Kling
Ben Wildavsky
Carl Schramm
Charles Johnson
Chris Lester
Dane Stangler
Don Boudreaux
EJ Reedy
Jeff Cornwall
John McIntyre
Lynne Kiesling
Matt Rees
Matthew Yglesias
Michael Anton
Michael Mandel
Mike Shedlock
Paul Kedrosky
Virginia Postrel
Wendy Guillies
Yves Smith

Other than the Kauffman Foundation, the only local media coverage I could find was at KC infoZine. We even got scooped by The Dallas Morning News.

And it's not like there weren't local cultural angles; Tyler Cowen had a battle of the Kansas City barbecue joints post. asks if Kansas City might become the post-Globalization version of Mont Pelerin, because they're coming back!


Bull E. Vard said...

Just to throw it out there, it didn't pass me by.

Muddy Mo said...

I had a feeling you might have. has several videos recorded after the event. Cowen did one.

Maybe we can get stir up some coverage for this year's shindig?