Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Lucky Me Lucky Mud" Just Another Love Story

I remember when tumbler was introduced in 2007. Tech savants pondered the significance; silicon angels flogged of google essence; a fellow blogger created some Bullshit. All a distant memory until a fateful decision to play blegger me this, whereupon my marginal utility almost ebbed away in the effluence of FuckYeah, Tattoos!

Ahh, to slip the surly cables of our Extenze News Network so I might leisurely spend my days basking in the warm glow of Lego Porn...

Enough of that! Back to our regularly scheduled program cuz there's bills to be plaid:

Holy Jebus! Holy Jebus! what is that hideous tiny clinched fist with black chipped nail polish floating before sister neon blue surprise about to beat down da plaid fetish midget OR phantasm's prophetic call to the coming Apocalypse?

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