Monday, March 01, 2010

Obama Loves Him Some Godless Heathens

Chilling description of a White House event (h/t) from the NewsWire:

President Obama invited a coven of devil worshipers from the Secular Coalition for America to the White House today. Mr. Obama said he was moved by their passion as they ritually sacrificed young virgin girls for his amusement. The event was held in Red Room (where else?).

The SCA members were disappointed when the President announced he must leave to give a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and would be unable to partake of the lovely, succulent roasted cherubs. As he left, the President encouraged everyone to enjoy the "feets". The POTUS malapropism brought hearty guffaws from many of the attendees.

We know the White House will demand the MSM lose the evidence of this event down the memory hole, but thanks to the doggedly open reporting policy laid down by the previous administration, Obama has no choice but to publish all visitors to the White House. The evidence for this (and other things) will be there for anyone who cares to look:

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