Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Gang, episode 1: "Government a la Ayn"

We have to end a system in which those at the top are never held accountable for the harm they inflict on the rest of society.
- Dean Baker, Commentary in the Guardian regarding Obama's picks to fill vacant spots at the Federal Reserve.

Spanky: "Miss, did you warn anyone about the dangers of the housing bubble?"
Darla: "Well no officer, I didn't."
Spanky: "Are you shewwwwwwr?"
Darla: "I'm shewwwwwwr."
Spanky: "OK. One more thing: You DO agree with Ayn Rand's assertion that, 'the essence of femininity is hero-worship', correct?"
Darla: "By hero worship, do you mean worship as an abstract emotion for the metaphysical concept of masculinity as such—which I experience fully and concretely only for the man I love?"
Spanky: "I shewwwwwwr do."
Darla: "Then yes, officer, I DO agree."
Spanky: "Then you would make a super vice-chair of the board of the governors at the Federal Reserve!"
Darla: "Yippee! Will there be ice cream?"
Spanky: "Shewwwwwwr! Every Sunday after Church!!!"

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