Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simcoe, Bloody Simcoe: The After-SMaSH

Aftermath of Simcoe, Bloody Simcoe brewday. (bonus points if you can name the bottle of beer in the foreground)

Simcoe, Bloody Simcoe is in the carboy. Brother DJ and I had a wild ride while hitting some important milestones.

Brewday Firsts:

  • Used 24 qt kettle (no H2O "top up" for our SMaSH beer's wort!)
  • Used No Malt Extract (couldn't call it SMaSH beer if we had)
  • Used Maris Otter pale malt (the Single Malt in SMaSH)
  • Used Maris Otter crystal malt (still M.O., so still SMaSH beer, ha!)
  • Used Flaked Barley (this is not malt, so still SMaSH beer, ha ha!)
  • Used Simcoe hops (the Single Hops in SMaSH)
  • Used bottling bucket for sparging
  • Used FermCapS foam control in the boil
  • Used Whirlfloc tabs instead of Irish Moss to help with cold break
  • Eliminated back-breaking "pour & funnel" method for wort transfer

As expected, things didn't go quite as expected. This time we had to shut off the water for the guy who was putting down linoleum in the bathroom. This with 20 minutes left for the mash to finish!

Our efficiency was about 65% which is ok, but even after adding a pound of corn sugar, the starting gravity was only 1.055, so the ABV won't be any greater than 5.7%.

6% ABV would have been better. With the IBU's this beer is sporting, higher alcohol means friends and family who try it get a quick buzz, which helps take their minds off the hop assault.


~J said...

WTF is that?

Muddy Mo said...

You are right, sir! See my follow-up post to claim your prize.