Monday, May 10, 2010

Paradoxically Quintessential: Organic English Ale

Samuel Smith Brewery. Tadcaster, England. Two hundred plus years of traditional brewing with a Yorkshire Square.

Photo by andrewhammond

Two hundred plus years of using dray horses to deliver beer.

For some, it might seem odd for such a traditional British enterprise to place emphasis on a line of "organically produced" products.

Photo by Josua Lurie at Food GPS

Whether you subscribe to the benefits of organically produced food products or not, that method of production is the traditional way of producing crops, not the Monsanto-dominated, "Roundup Ready" method which is leading to the oh, so unexpected rise of herbicide resistant superweeds.

But here in the buckle of the bible belt, products sporting an "organic" label and the people who purchase them are often stereotypically lampooned as wacky, new age, over the hill hippies and lefties and seen as suspect by self-appointed torch bearers for traditional American values. As the quintessential British Chef Gordon Ramsey might say, "Unbelievable. Absolutely effing moronic. No?"

I gave Samuel Smiths Organically Produced Ale an A- rating on Beer Advocate. More and more I find myself drawn to these English style beers: Low ABV, caramel and biscuit malts, English ale yeast adding fruity esters, low hop aroma and bitterness. Nice and affordable, for all-grain home brewing!

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