Saturday, October 09, 2010

Land of Beige

Drunk Monkey's foray into the Land of Beige inspired me to dredge up a post from the Muddy archives. It is sort of an ode to Beigians.

While you read, think of Steely Dan's "Hey Nineteen"

Way back when,
In ninety-three.
You were the dandy,
Of gamma chee.
Sweet things from KC,
So young and willing,
All pledged at the Sororities.
Hell yea, cha ching!
Hey 662 nineteen,
Didn't need to dance together.
Didn't need to talk at all.
Just took them along,
Once you knew they would slide on down.

Hey 662 eighteen,
That's Monkey Ward
You don't remember,
The king of retail.
You can't believe how hard
it is to travel without the perpetual Blockbuster, Target, PetSmart, Chipotle,
market-tested spiel.

Hey 662 fifteen,
Have we got anything in common?
Can we can talk at all?
Why don't you invite me along,
As you head south on US 69?

The patrol cars trimmed in gold
The undocumented Columbians.
Still don't get why 95th and Nall's such a wonderful thing.

No you can't chance us being seen together.
No we can't talk at all.