Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quaffing on Sunshine

This is an excellent value: A 22 oz bomber can be had for about six bucks including tax at Cosentino's Downtown Market.

Demolition has everything you expect from a fine Belgian golden ale for half the price of the imported versions. The commemoration on the bottle explains the name, "...to honor the brave soles who kept our brewery open while wrecking balls tore down the mall around us."

"Demolition" also is a fitting description of the effect this concoction had on me. It is a billowy blonde brew, with aromatics and citrus in the nose, sweet fruit on the tongue and a surprisingly spicy finish.

I'm sure I heard the sounds of harps and strings as I poured the final drops of that second glass. Not long after, the 7.2% wrecking ball of an ABV made short work of my higher brain functions.

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