Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Anchor Bock: Better Than an Oyster Shell Hat

When it comes to giant oyster shells worn as a fashion accoutrement, I have to say I hate the way it looks. When it comes to Anchor Bock Beer, I have to say I don't hate the way it tastes, but it is not a pretty picture.

Very dark with a nice tan head and a bready, smokey aroma. But the flavor is just a jumbled mess. The initial taste of the dark breads and smoke hints that this is going to be a rich experience, but that all gets lost in a thinnish, slick mouthfeel followed by a hop finish with a pronounced orange flavor. I did not really enjoy this beer at all.

The tale of the tape from Anchor Brewing doesn't shed much light: 2 Row Malts, Wheat Malt, Whole Hops.

Traditional Bock beers are brewed with German Munich and Vienna 2-row malts, the wheat malt seems a little out of place here. There are some hops that people report have a strong orange flavor, such as the New Zealand Pacifica hops used in the SN Southern Hemisphere fresh hop seasonal.

And I just remembered Anchor also has a hay bale beer I didn't enjoy.