Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stark & Teutonic

Clever Brit take on a German style:
Our DoppelHop is a pale Bock Bier brewed, of course, in full accordance with the Bavarian purity law (the Reinheitsgebot - actually pretty much all our beer is brewed in accordance with this anyway) whereby the only ingredients allowed are water, yeast, malt & hops. As with many Oktoberfest Biers it is slightly on the strong side. But unlike most it is dryish, and very hoppy. We've used proper imported Bavarian Pilsner, Vienna & Munich malts to give the beer a full body, allowing us to hop on the 'refreshing' side.

Serving Suggestion:

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ChuckleCharles said...

LMAO!! Good Stuff, I ordered the grains for Sept.4 and posted the recipe in beertools "Malty Munich"

Have a good weekend!